Privacy Policy

The account of the user of will never be closed, even if you forgot the password or your email is switched off for any reason or the mobile is missing, your account will not be closed anytime at the time of logging in. No verification of any kind will be asked.
For this, whenever you create an account on, after that, you can send any word from 1 to 999 to the admin by clicking here-by-click, and after 24 hours of sending that message, delete it.
Note - Do not send messages to admin with hi, hello, etc, only send code, you can see in the photo below to know how to send.
Admin Profile Link -
After that you will always remember that word and anytime your mobile is missing or email id is switched off or you have forgotten password, apart from this, if you face any problem then you are right at Code All Profile Name Email Id Even if the email id is disabled then it doesn't matter but you must send the email with which the account is created, it will help in solving your problem! And after some time a link will be sent to you to change the password so that you will be able to change your password or email id again.

Apart from this, if you create a group on Hmsay, then your group will never be deleted, if your group is against our rules, then we will ask the admin of group to correct it.

If you create a group on then our team will support it.
The people of support the profile which is filled to the maximum.
  • Note – Admin को hi, hello, etc के massage नहीं भेजे केवल code भेजे कैसे भेजना है निचे फोटो में देख सकते है!
Admin Profile Link -

If you want to know what is hmsay click and read hindi artical हमसे क्या है